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URBAN RESEARCH offers research, programme evaluation, and technical advisory. Bringing in subject specialists as required, we offer rigorous research and evaluation across multiple domains, including social research, financing and economic research, policy research, urban planning, slum mapping and public health. We have strong expertise in household survey design and management.

More specifically, we can support you in any of the following areas:

Research delivery

  • Design and delivery of research around slums and slum services

  • Sub-lead, advisory or review inputs to research

  • Research can mean "academic" research, or more operational research, or desk studies

Research management

  • Strategic and operational advisory around research programme management and research-into-use in the urban services sphere

  • Support to management of research procurement processes

Advisory inputs to urban planning and programme design

  • Strategic and operational advisory around slum services and slum improvement

  • Support to design of national or subnational policy and strategy documents

Monitoring & evaluation

  • Project or programme evaluation, in urban WASH or wider urban development

  • Development of M&E frameworks for broad application (national or subnational level, or for funders or implementers)

  • Development of M&E frameworks for specific programmes or projects

  • Advisory or review inputs to any of the preceding

Publications and communication

  • Creation of publications (print, online, multimedia) around slums and slum services, and in the urban development sphere more widely

  • Advisory or review inputs to specific publications, or more broadly to the design of programmes of publication and learning

  • Design and facilitation of workshops and related events, for purposes of consultation, discussion or dissemination

Other areas

  • Advisory or supporting inputs to funder processes e.g. research call design

  • Advisory or supporting inputs in proposal writing

  • Advisory around intra-organisational learning processes

  • Support to organisational strategic planning processes

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